Maven Road Life Coaching

A link to Suzanne Tebbutt’s new life coaching agency (Maven Road). Her practice will transform your life. Suzanne offer three types of consulting services. Her consulting experience is based on twelve years of Post-Secondary teaching and seven years of experience consulting in these areas. In addition to being a professor and consultant, Suzanne is a Certified Professional Coach and combines all of these skills to serve your organization’s needs.

Service 1. Consulting

Suzanne will come into your business (or teleconfernce with you) to asses a specific conflict. She will then give you  expert advice and coach you to come up with an action plan on handling the situation.

Service 2.  Workshop Facilitator 

Suzanne will come into your business and deliver a workshop for your empolyess. The workshop can be as short or long as you need depending on content. The following is a list of possibe workshops.

  • Conflict Managment
  • Ethics in the Workplace
    • What is Ethics?
    • Advertizing/Marketing /Selling Ethics
    • Sexism
    • Ageism
    • Personal Ethics
    • Code of Ethics
    • Environmental Ethics
    • International Business Ethics
    • Diversity Ethics
  • World Religions
    • Religious Diveristy in the Workplace
    • Fundamentals of Religion

Service 3. Educator

Suzanne will come into your business and teach a condensed course to your employess. The following is a list of possible condensed courses:


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